Australia, Canada and New Zealand are unique in respect that that they each offer their own skilled based permanent residency programs to ensure migration for those individuals that can make a real difference to the employment market over there.


We work with three different subclasses of visa.
Subclass 189
Subclass 190
Subclass 489

Each of these visas will enable you to settle yourself and your family overseas on a permanent basis, and at Harry International we can guide and complete the entire process for you leaving you to get on with your life and make the necessary preparations.

There is a three stage process for permanent residency:
1) Skills Assessment
2) Expression of Interest
3) Visa Application

At Harry International we have the experience to successfully enable you to hurdle each of these steps.


Canada offers an express entry system for its permanent residency program, they have a generous occupation list which enables us at Harry International to create a road map for the vast majority of working professionals.

Similar to Australia, there is a three stage system:
1) Educational Credential Assessment
2) Comprehensive Ranking System with the immigration pool entry
3) Visa Application

For the right candidate Canada can offer the quickest of the three processes to completion.


New Zealand’s permanent residency program is attractive because the English requirements are relatively low to enter their immigration pool as a strong applicant. Similar to Australia they offer an Expression of Interest process and similar to Canada for the RIGHT candidate the process can be extremely fluid and consequently quick. At Harry International we have had a large amount of success with our New Zealand offering, and any applicant seriously considering life as a ‘kiwi’ should contact us for an assessment. This way we can map out your entire journey. This is the basic structure for the process. We can go into a huge amount of detail if required but probably not necessary


Start up, Invest or buy an existing business in the destination country. Each and every country has its own program which effectively allows the applicant and his or her family to settle permanently overseas.

At Harry International we have the expertise and the experience to deliver on this. The US based EB-5 , the Canadian Business Provincial Nomination Programs and Australia’s subclass 188 program are just some examples of the countries that we work with. There are a large number of differing options for differing budgets. If you would like to know more, please contact us at Harry International to assess your entrepreneur pathway overseas.


Whether it’s a vacation or a family occasion at Harry International we will be able to ensure that you acquire the necessary visa to travel there.

All you have to do is decide the country, let Harry International do the rest as we complete the forms for you and deliver the submission well on time.

What countries do we offer? It’s probably quicker to ask what we don t offer because at Harry International our dedicated team of visa consultants have experience with most of the popular destinations across the world.


Harry Internationals overseas relationships isn’t just commercially either? We also work with educational institutions all over the world to facilitate and make overseas university opportunities widely available. Whether you are 12th standard or a graduate, or whether you want to Australia, Canada, the US or the UK, at Harry International we have the experience and the team to ensure that the process remains transparent and efficient.

We are capable of supporting coaching for the required English language tests, obtaining an offer from an overseas University, preparing you for interview and securing the respective visa. Our team of counselors will be with you every step of the way.