RPO Services is a recruiting process outsourcing firm based in INDIA, providing services worldwide. RPO Services promises to reduce your recruitment cost and time more than 50% and increases your productivity by 50%. Together we will be 100% the perfect stop for your entire recruiting support.


The proposed inventory would help you with Bulk Hiring (For a specific / Multiple positions) & connect with only pre-screened profiles & take a leap ahead in hiring the best talent pool of the industry.
Harry International Private limited is working with following Industries for their bulk Requirements….
Industries we Deal in are as follows
-IT Companies -Manufacturing Industry (Chemicals / Mechanical / Textiles) -Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, and Healthcare -Services Industry -FMCG Industry -Banking Finance & Insurance Industry (BFSI) -Retail Industry (Any Retail Store) -Auto Mobile -Oil & Gas / Power & Energy Sector -CA & Bookkeeping & Advisory Firms -Real Estate (Developers-Contractors-Consultant) -Aviation & Logistics -Jeweler Sector -Creative / Advertisement / Digital Agency / Media -KPO/BPO/RPO Sector The Process we follow is as follows

PROCESS-FLOW within the RPO Model:


• Harry International experts team will source relevant profiles basis the detailed JD shared by the Client HR.
• We use internal as well as external sources (Digital/Print/Social/ Portal as required by our hiring team) to find the matching profile.
• Once the right candidate is sourced we would take a telephonic interview as instructed by Client HR.
• The HI team would screen relevant profiles basis various parameters (That are to the position) basis Experience, Qualification, Location, Willingness to Work If been interviewed with the organization in the last 3 Months and so on )
• Once screened by the HI team, only the qualified list of candidates is shared with HR in an excel sheet for interview schedules (Interview schedules to be aligned by Client HR at their own convenience)
• Harry International team would be in touch with Client HR for feedback & delivery of the candidates.

Lead Scraping

• If a candidate appearing for the interview does not match the qualification list as requested by the HR, lead can be scrapped.
• If the candidate has already appeared for an interview in the last 90 days, the lead can be scrapped. (Though the HI RPO team will share profiles only if the candidate has confirmed not to have appeared for an interview in the last 3 months.)
• Client HR would be instructing HI team for the telephonic interview questions, if criteria passed in the telephonic round and the same criteria contradict in the personal round, the lead can be scrapped.

Post Interview:

• HI team will deliver profiles in a lot of approximately 20-30 screened profiles daily as per contract and expect feedback on the same within 24 hours to ensure the success of this campaign.
• Client Hr team is expected to interview within 24 hrs. Of sharing of profiles and share feedback with the reason for rejection.
• HI Team & Client’s HR team will connect every week to review the performance and improvise on the learning’s.
• Our Delivery team will be in touch with the recruitment team on daily basis for feedback and delivery.
• Selection & rejection report will be submitted by Client HR team in order to secure the Candidates with sourcing.